Morning Wisdom

I am hooked on pinterest! I tend to be very visual in general so having all these boards helps me sort through thoughts and organize my creative energy. Ideas and inspiration for things I can do for my compassion project, food for cooking class and a future cookbook to help my clients, quotes and inspiring pictures. This really isn’t the point of today’s post, however. Last night a dear friend of mine (who I’ll keep anonymous for now), was going through a little spill of tiny drunk confessions: How she loves me because I accept her unconditionally as she is. But (of course there’s a but), whenever I moved out of the shed, that had hurt her deep. I can’t help this, I am on my path and this simple life is where I’m destined to travel. I love her and would live with her, but it’s not where I am supposed to be, it has nothing to do with her. If anything I feel a tinge of guilt for leaving, that was the hardest part (not living without modern conveniences and getting rid of most of my stuff), telling her that I wasn’t going to be there all the time. So when I discovered this picture this morning it reminded me of what we talked about last night  and if I could ever tell her anything, I think that Pooh does a brilliant job of simply stating what I feel. Plus ever since I read the Tao of Pooh, I realized what a fucking genius that little bear is. Short and sweet today, just something that spoke to me.



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