The World through Heart-Shaped Glasses

Extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary; this word has been racing through my mind as I’ve been journeying into Dr. Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled. As this weekend began I set off to discover just what it is like to lead an extraordinary life is like and to catalog and ponder upon it here. So set out with “What do extraordinary people do?” imprinted on my hand and a new-mind set. So put on your heart-shaped glasses and travel along with me. It began Saturday with me and mom whisking my nephews away from my sister to take them to the park to run up the hill. As they giggle and topple their way down the hill, with Trenton’s curly hair proceeding his legs, I can’t help but laugh and feel light-hearted. How lucky am I be here? To have these beautiful little boys in my life, so inspirational full of untapped true adventure and life pulsing through their veins. They’re doing what is fun for life (life is fun for them and hasn’t been maimed by conditioning). Bam! It’s only 8 am but I am smacked in the face by an extraordinary feeling: gratitude. It is breathtaking and my heart is absolutely swelling with joy at the site of these crazy munchkins. Next we journey to my passion: work. Before clients flow through the door I get the honor to help prepare a nourishing meal for my nephews. As I am focused on healthy lifestyles, I have to practice what I preach, so I set out to make them the most Paleo and yummy of breakfast’s: eggs and bacon (which they will tell you protein for their muscles as they flex up their tiny arms in muscular poses), and caramel apple scones made with almond flour. After a fabulous boot camp we check on Larry; another extraordinary check: manifesting. The other day after MovNat research, conversations and sparked inspiration I came up with the idea for an ‘Adult Playground’, and outdoor exercise facility. A primal playground at itself where unknowingly adults could have fun, tap into their primal instincts and exercise at the same time. After putting word out about the proposed idea, Larry stepped up to begin clearing the property. Step one in the journey to the obstacle course of my dreams. Next, this Spring is unusually mild, so sunshine in Indiana means outdoors. First a walk with my mom, where we are able to talk. And not just business or to gossip, but to live in our little inspirational cloud: where I can open to her on my thoughts about love and marriage and dreams. To ask her what if? What if I just took off? She is so extraordinary. ‘I would support and be proud of you. You have to follow your own path,’ is her answer. There are no barriers or warnings, just unconditional support. She in turn tells me about her and dad and her dreams.

     The day’s fun only increases as I take the weather as a sign to take to the road and drive to Turkey Run State Park. As I cruise down the road, windows down I am in complete and utter bliss. How I’ve missed traveling and how much I love driving. ‘I was meant for life on the road,’ pops into my head. Epiphany: I’ve thought many times that I could do anything and I realize that’s true. Our outlook on life is what matters. We are miserable and complacent in our jobs because of just that, we THINK we hate our jobs. Like we think that that we’ll be happier if only…. We don’t realize that all the potential is pent up inside of us, waiting for us to realize that it’s there. So I realized that I could be happy in any job because I am happy. So I continue down the road, providing my own entertainment as my radio is cranked all the way on full-blast and I bounce from my favorite band Journey to CCR to Nirvana to Mariah Carey to the Dixie Chicks to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to the Little River Band to Survivor to Celine Dion to the Eagles and so on. I have to say I was not only entertaining to myself, but to everyone driving past as I forget (/ don’t care) that my windows and down and that the cars beside me can hear and see me dancing and hand signaling (I tend to talk with my hands, but take it to a whole other level when alone with a radio), so that family-filled SUV’s wave as they speed past. Just the beginning of care-freeness that I spread all weekend. Once I arrive I take off in my unbelievable ensemble: fluorescent orange bandana (I plan on bringing them back and got many comments on it actually), orange heart-shaped glasses (and the star of this post), BC t-shirt complete with a naked women (don’t ask) on the front, shorts that you can’t see, zebra sequin fanny pack and bright pink and orange Five Fingers, plus my radiating extraordinary energy. I don’t take a map or plan a course, but let my feet lead the way as I hike through the heart of the park and unchartered land that I had never been on, in spite of my having visited the park since I was a child. I stop and smile/say hello to passer-bys and watch as guys with gas mask fly by me on the trail and on-lookers gaze at me quizzically and ask if I’m with them. Further alond I find a waterfall that I didn’t know existed, but more importantly I meet a wonderful family, as we fumble around trying to figure out if we’re actually on the path, and slip down the rocks to base. We continue our hike chit-chatting amicably about this and that, with them trudging ahead further and me gaining on them again and then repeated until we come to the mud where the fun begins. My shoes have virtually no traction, so I take them off and let my bare skin sink into the cool mud and stream water. What a magnificent sensation, I’ve really tapped into my inner primal spirit now as me and my fellow climbers nervously laugh our way down the hill as we anticipate the likelihood of someone slipping.

Eventually find myself on trail three (one of the most popular trails) with a new family, a father and his two daughters. I can’t help but to laugh to myself as I drop in on the daughter’s complaint that ‘they should really do something about all this mud, that people don’t like to get dirty.’ I don’t laugh just because of its ludicrously, but because it was like watching myself ten years ago as they tip-toed around the puddle and shook with fear to climb the ladders (another reason why it was so extraordinary for me to be splashing around in the mud willingly with no shoes). At one point the father turns to me and offers to let me go ahead, which of course I naturally decline and tell him I’m in no rush: I like those glasses, you look like you’re ready for a good time. Me: always! Life is fun. A smile before we embark. That’s the great thing about heart-shaped glasses, they’re not pretentious, they say ‘hey I don’t take life or myself too seriously’. They not intimidating, but calming and to me they represent my favorite emotion of love. Ok I may have actually spooked him a bit as he speed seemed to increase or maybe I slowed down as made sure to splash in every puddle; although, it was most like a combination of the two. After three hours and a good sweat, plus good quality human interaction with strangers I take off in my car and cranked off music.

Cue in Sunday, I miraculously don’t get out of bed until nearly noon, open my shed doors to the most amazingly beautiful sunny perfect day. I had no real plans, so I again decide to head to the park and retreat. Before leaving, though, I decide to get my Hunger Games on and shoot my bow for the first time in months and I have to say I think they miscast Katniss and missed the boat. Sunshine, car=another blissful car ride in complete oblivion to any one else, as a I drum snap and shoulder shake my way to Turkey Run again. ‘I like your orange and your glasses.’ Cha-ching, my first interaction of the day with park attendant and this is how it starts off before continuing in radiating glory, it HAD to be a good day. And it was! Again venture down paths unfamiliar to both my feet and eyes. Running into new acquaintances, who often complimented me on my shoes or glasses, and who I reciprocated the jovialness. By the time I left I was nearly trembling with electric bliss and energy of just life. Brimming and overflowing with joy and love. Initially it seemed almost unbearable, this is extraordinary, but how can I harness this feeling all the time? How do I get others to feel this? The ride home is even better as I find my theme song ‘She’s a wild one running free (how well my tattoos relate as well: she flies by her own wings is imprinted on my right collar bone).

This isn’t even the end of the day, as I come home to hike more still, with the Doctors (Dr Sharifi and Dr Tank).We practice our walking skills and talk on a spectrum of topics. I learn much about Dr Tank, as he opens up about growing up poor in India and how miraculous it is that he’s been listening to Dr Dyer and it’s like listening to his story and his life as he manifested and thought himself out of poverties to the become a doctor in the United States. With his infectious laugh, he is able to tell his children that they are looking at a real slum dog millionaire. That is something I’ve learned to value with Dr. Tank is this great spiritual connection, he has such a wonderful/pure soul and even though I don’t always understand him when he talks, his message is clear and I can’t fully express how much this growing relationship has effected me. After 8 hours of hiking in two days I make my way back to my shed, but the intrigue of the doctors leads them over to my humble home and I see them bobbing along the gravel path on their way for a tour. And so I end the day on a high note, watching them walk back as I sit at my picnic table to write.

So what did I learn in all this? It didn’t take a grand journey or pilgrimage across the country to find what is ‘lacking’ form my life. Extraordinary is already a part of me. It’s inside, just like it is you. You have to realize and embrace it. Same with happiness. It isn’t lurking in down the road when you’re ten pounds lighter or when we have our ‘dream’ job or the when we’re living the ‘American dream’ with the white picket fence with the husband and family, keeping up with the Joneses, nor is it waiting for when we retire from that 9-5 and can use the spare time to travel and live our lives. These are all changing circumstances, but they don’t actually change our infinite selves. We have to realize that our happiness and an extraordinary lives aren’t something that we can look for and find outside of ourselves. Its already built in. We are already extraordinary. I am extraordinary and my life and experiences are extraordinary because I believe that I am. I have this wonderful tattoo on my arm that keep looking at lately:

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

You may know the author, it is none other than the great Henry David Thoreau. I have to say there is definitely a qualitative dreamlike state to my current state of being.

Extraordinary is who we are when we wash away our conditioning to unleash our true potential and dwell in the land of impossibility! Look at the world through Heart-Shaped Glasses,

BE extraordinary, Love, Illuminate,



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