Child’s Play

Clearly today I will be looking at children, but not just any children, I will be talking about my two nephews. It’s funny how they can put life into perspective. I am the aunt to two breathtakingly beautiful boys, Gavin and Trenton. Gavin is a 4 year-old all-star basketball player, who is just stunning, there is no other way to put it. I could just stare at him, he is gorgeous. And Trenton is my cuddly curly-headed bubby, who makes anyone fall in love with him instantly. His innocence and the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth make it impossible not to smile when you’re around him. I honestly don’t think I capable of frowning in his presence. What I love about my nephews is that they’re pure. Children lack that pretension, where they’re trying to be somebody. They’re just following their instincts and trying things out. There are no mistakes or failures, everything is a test. They try walking just to fall down and get back up so they can try again. They haven’t been fully conditioned yet. My favorite thing to do is play with them, and just watch. To let them be boys, to tackle each other and let them play in the dirt. Not to tower over them and tell them what not to do, but watch and let them discover things on their own. When we are children we are closest to our true-selves. We haven’t been conditioned to be ordinary yet. To fit within the social norm and a life dictated by others thoughts and judgements. They are full of imagination. I watch as they make up off-the-wall stories while playing in the ‘locker’ room. I’m reminded most of myself. It’s like looking at the boy version of my four-year-old self. I had (have) a huge imagination. I was constantly making things talk from Barbies to Ninja Turtles to seat belts in the cars when I was lacking a doll (or my shoes in times of desperation). I vividly remember sitting in church and ‘reading’ stories about my Barbies in the music booklet. I’ve never really grown out of this, I’ve only developed into what some would consider a ‘dreamer”. Out of touch with reality in my own Brittany Land on top of my own spiritual cloud. This may be true, but you know the beautiful part of dreaming, of my nephews imagination? It is limitless. Nothing is impossible and everything I want in life is attainable. You know the craziest part? Most of the time all I have to do is conceive the idea of my head, and their it is! I am happy. . . hmm what do you know the feeling just instantly washes over me. In my nephews minds they may be all-star basketball players or doctors or astronauts; they can be anything. Who’s to say that they’re not, so long as they believe it? Another great part of living through imagination? There is no such thing as fear. How can you be afraid of something, if you already know you can do it or that you’re great at it. Only love and being can survive in this kind of environment. So the best thing I can do for my nephews is to let them be. To play with them and encourage them to keep their imaginations. It’s crazy they’re so young, but they keep me in check and remind of what really matters and most importantly how to live. Like Dyer says:

Your imagination is your own fertile field for growing any seedlings that you choose to plant for a future harvest.

Thanks to my bubbies, who I love and who show me how to live. Be your true-self and keep tight your imagination.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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