Project Compassion

I mentioned my ‘Getting Grateful n 2012’ journal, but I have also been scheming a new project as well: Project Compassion. While reading Dr. Dyer’s Being in Balance, he said to go on a rampage of appreciation. That instantly resonated with me, and I’ve kind of been on rampage the last several months. Therefore, I decided to add my own Brittany twist, because my current mindset is stuck on the love and kindness. We so frequently think of ourselves, and I wanted to challenge myself to place others first. To in the morning, think or do something for someone else. It could be simple. Last week I held the door open for a lovely couple at the coffee shop, secretly radiated love and kindness on them in line, and passed warming smiles back and forth. Sometimes I will write a letter (I love to send traditional handwritten cards in the mail) or a text (ask my friends they’ve been bombarded with texts, although last week I text them the post I wrote with them and a note thanking them for inspiring me) or a voice mail. One morning I jumped on my father to tell him I love him, leaving him somewhat delirious and completely awake (whoops!). Sometimes it will be a gift. First thing with my tax check I did was buy gifts for others and put little notes of appreciation and love in them. Give anonymously sometimes. Donate money to a charity, slip the homeless man on the street a twenty. Just do something, say something, write something, emote something, give something. Give yourself, giving love is the greatest gift of all. Give yourself, give your time that is so precious because we are all so ‘busy’. Give an ear, you know how nice it is just to be heard? So each day I record my act of compassion, so are more grandeur than others, but they are all important. The best part is not expecting anything in return. To just serve and not receive is beautiful. But if I do get even a thank-you, my heart swells with joy and appreciation. So as I continue on my path, I realize that I need to not just think of myself and my transformation, but what I can do for others. Best parts of spiritual transformation?

Love, Beauty, Compassion, Kindness, BEING, Joy, Peace, Bliss

Project Compassion underway, with numerous victims already hit and countless more to come! Raining bombs of kindess!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



2 thoughts on “Project Compassion

  1. Oh……..I LOVE the ‘take a smile’ sign!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m going to make some and post them on community bulletin boards here in my city!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for this and your post~!

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