Returning to Self

Working so much lately, it seems almost as if I am in a relationship with my job, where my identity has become locked into- I Am Body Change. Yesterday, I hiked with my Dad for three hours, though, and we discussed Dyer’s new Wishes Fulfilled and this I AM. So time away from work has lead me back to who am I? My dad screams at the top of his lungs that he is powerful, extraordinary, the best fitness coach. What do I want and tell myself? When I open my journal it flops right to the page of what I need to remind myself of daily:

I AM Love

I AM Health

I AM Beauty

I AM Compassion

I AM Kind

I AM Joy

I AM Peace

I AM God

I’m not a religious person, but when Dyer got on stage in September and said I am god, and when I read it in his book it made sense in a spiritual way. That I don’t have to change myself because I am already a part of the divine, I am miraculous and perfect born at the right time to be here right now writing this. All these things that I think I want are already within me, when I decide to see them. I am happy because I choose to be happy. Stepping aside and seeing this helps me reconnect to my own powers. I so easily can see patterns in my life that I create and now I notice sign after sign of my own manifestation. Feeling trapped at work sometimes, when I step away I still find myself following signs telling me I’m on the right path that this is my destiny and although sometimes it may seem that business is a struggle sometimes, there is some sort of resolution-that I am here to serve and help these people. I leave work Wednesday to walk at the park and instantly run into one of our clients and walk around the entire arena with her. Today I met some of my clients at the park for a play session with kettlebells. Even though we were there for a workout, my favorite part was the interaction at the end where we lain on the grass chatting. So even though I’ve separated myself from work this weekend I find the signs keep coming and guiding me on my path. I follow that little voice telling me to keep on pushing and striving. That anything is possible and if I want to manifest something, then nothing is impossible! My manifestations and commands for the next week:

I AM an extraordinary business owner

I AM great at serving people

I AM extraordinary at inspiring and changing peoples lives

I Deserve to have a thriving business

I AM great at changing people’s bodies


Write it down and repeat! Who are you? Or rather who do you want to be?

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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