Electric with Inspiration

My journey is ever evolving and transpiring, but while walking at the park the other day, there are instances of such light and inspiration. Although I haven’t mastered the ability to harness this level of inspiration all of time, I am getting better at embracing it. So what does it feel like to be truly inspired. As I was walking around the park I tried to think of how I could explain this ( although I found that it tends to be one of those things that is best left for feeling than for trying to explain in words, but the feeling is so powerful that I felt obligated to have a go at it). There really aren’t any adjectives that can fully explain it, but I guess the best is electric. When the feeling comes over me I feel electric, like there are impulses just radiating throughout my body and if someone touches me they will get shocked. My mind is clear. The thoughts run fluidly, my plan of action. Decisions and I don’t have to second guess them, but act on them. They’re on my path, what I’m supposed to do (to move into my shed to take a retreat). Manifesting becomes effortless. There are no fears and everything is possible. There is only:

Love, Light, Beauty, Kindness, Possibility

Memes and fear cannot exist in such an elevated state of love and uplift.  It is the utmost state of bliss and contention. Now all I have to do is reign this feeling in all the time. Let go and let light! Inspiration is the highest feeling!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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