Are you Afraid of the Dark?

I’ve been blasting through and exploring memes lately, after a hike at night I discovered another one. When I was younger I would be petrified of the dark. Punishment one time included setting outside at the back of the treeline until I was attended to, and as my grandma reminded me on my Facebook post, she would have to walk me to the top of the hill and watch me walk next door. A month ago my father implanted the idea of hiking by moonlight. The other day I finally dropped the excuses and went on my hike. Where did this meme come from? Is it really the dark that I am afraid of (I liked this title by the way because it reminded me of watching this show when I was younger)? When I explore this as my adult self (which is actually closer to my true self), I realize it was never the dark that actually scared me, but the fear of the unknown, of losing control. As someone with a vivid and somewhat over the top imagination, I could turn any shadow into a life-threathening scenario. What’s lurking around this corner? I couldn’t see what could potentially be coming therefore I was ‘afraid’. But now when I look at life, this was me controlling the situation. I always had a plan, knew what I was doing tomorrow, knew what I wanted and had my life planned out. I was a control-freak and the dark represented a lack of control for me. And actually when I think about it, this fear of not being in control, stopped me from living in the moment. From living in the present space and time. What does that mean? That I was afraid of being myself, of living? That I was letting conditioning get in the way of potentially wonderful situations? Another instance where fears and memes held me back from living my life. Where I allowed my ego to dictate a life, where I lived as my lower self and not my higher self. As look at my journey I see the pattern: recognize the meme, detonate it, live life and breathe. What did it take to conquer the unknown to be present? All I had to do was walk out of my shed doors, throw on my pack and let the moonlight guide me.

Breathe. . . Step. . .BE. .. Breathe. . .Step. . .BE

It’s pretty simple stuff. So are you afraid of the dark (of the unknown)? For me this is another fear checked off my list, as I seek to fully manifest my life to its highest self.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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