Joy, Love, Peace

Reading Dr. Dyer always leaves me vibrating at a higher frequency, reading Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling has been no exception. What has struck me the most goes in stride with the Tao of Pooh that life is fun, that life is simple. It’s not about agenda’s, meetings, cnferences, ushering kids to work or micro-managing our lives. We are entitled to the three parts of my title.


Who doesn’t want to enjoy life? You have an obligation to yourself to stop striving and feeling pressured into saying yes. I’ll do more. Yes I’ll work more, because that’s what’s expected and more work means more money right? We should be saying yes to what we enjoy, not what we should be doing. When do we take time to ourselves? Hell do we even know what WE find pleasure in, since we are so used to our conditioning. What do I enjoy? Hiking, traveling, reading, strength, a good night sleep, writing, cooking, researching, taking pictures, children, adventure and new experiences, nature and all seasons, driving, meditating, and drawing are just some of the things that bring me joy. Like Dyer says: We deserve to feel joy- it’s our spiritual calling.


I loved in Dyer that he points out at moments close to death or danger we tend to cling to love and those we love, but why not feel this every day? I’ve been working on One Love the last year and expressing my love to others, because extending love magnifites its power (just ask my frinds and family as I’m on a current rampage of love and kindess, they have been bombarded with texts, letters, and other gestures). O course this great love has to begin with yourself, I’ve never had such a sunny dispostion about myself. BE love, give love, recieve love (repeat).


Life can be filled with drama, bickering, anger, war and other adjectives that are the anatagonisht of the peace that we so desire (although for some it seems like what they want as they always attracting it). I’ll let Dyer take it from here:

When you desire peace, simplicity and honesty and send out a matching vibration to those desires, all I can say is, ‘start watching. It’s on its way.’

What you give out is what you get back. Don’t forget keep it simple:

Life is fun, full of love, peace and joy!

BE, Love, Illuminate



2 thoughts on “Joy, Love, Peace

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