Crying for Inspiration

Tears, as I walk around the park today, I find the most corners of my eyes moisten with them. This is something seems to be reoccurring lately. But why? Tears get such a bad wrap. They represent weakness, over-emotion, un-stability, pain; or at least this is what I thought when my ego was behind the wheels. Like this single act made you vulnerable, subject to judgement or forcing you to face emotions and feelings head on. Younger it was always ‘suck it up’ and priding myself on never letting anyone see me cry, that I was somehow stronger for this. Really all I was  doing was compressing emotions, keeping them hidden deep inside, so at once they could swoop in, envelop me and strangle me with overwhelming feelings and sickness that I had long suppressed in my front to be ‘tough’. Why would we have tear ducts if we were not intended to use them? What did I realize today? Tears are beautiful. There prevalence nowadays is not weakness, but part of my inspiration. They represent the absolute joy and peace I feel. Today I was thinking of  something my mother had said and then the remembrance of Tab sending me a text Sunday that only said I love you, yet brought tears to my eyes because even though I’m always doing this for people in my life it takes my breath away when somebody does it to me. When I think sometimes I’m being overbearing with my I love you’s and letters, I think of how much this means to me and what it feels like to give love and receive it in return (there is no other comparison), and I listen to my mom that when I stop could be when they need it the most and maybe they feel that same heart tug that I feel. These tears today are love,

which brings the joy, which brings the peace and a cycle of bliss that gives and receives, gives and receives. Tears aren’t for the weak, but a sign of the strong. There’s nothing with feeling and with expressing feelings, especially when they’re feelings of inspiration. Don’t fight with the droplets, embrace because they’re beautiful and the path to bliss!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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