Nature Therapy

I’ve said it before, but hiking is like my little sacred time. It’s my centering, my walking meditation or mindfulness. I fully believe in the Nature Principle and the ever-so-important vitamin N (clearly another reference to nature here). It’s a way of getting close to my Source again, to fully regain my inspiration and listen to my intuition and challenge myself (or actually to just reconnect with myself). Being a little nature deprived lately, I’ve found myself hesitant to get my butt out there, but it doesn’t take long to get back into sync, as the sun is a gentle reminder. So I’m silent, just soaking it all in, not thinking of where I’m supposed to go, who I’m supposed to be or what I should do. I walk, aimlessly around and it isn’t long that I hear that voice, ‘take off your shoes.’ I don’t even question. I walk a little further making sure to smile and send loving thoughts to all those I pass. As I turn around I pause at a tree to take off my shoes and hesitate for a second as that damn ego, fear and excuses (what are these people going to think), but then I throw aside this silliness aside, yank off my shoes and take off eagerly across the cool/mushy ground. Ah, the refreshment of skin to ground contact. I finish the rest of the walk and being in bliss. Focusing on how my toes grip the ground and how the texture under my feet changes. I continue on and approach the top of the hill and spot something familiar-kettlebells. My ego again initially steps in the way telling me to just smile and not say anything, but I’ve learned my lessons and again I kick it to the curb, to BE myself. I take my headphones and ask them about their workout before letting them be, walking away barefoot, toes shoes in hand.


Nature= peace, instincts, Being, true-self, centering, bliss, happiness, joy, inspiration, intent, spiritual, love, kindness, serenity, adventure, life


All it takes is a little hike in the woods and listening to that inner voice (true self) in order to return to the moment; essential vitamin N! Take your shoes off, take a stroll, catch a breathe and be.


Closing with a quote by of course, non-other than the magnificent Thoreau:

In wilderness is the preservation of the world.


BE, Love, Illuminate,



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