Getting Grateful

I love little tasks or projects (or the process of them, as I discussed yesterday). My newest one is my journal ‘Getting Grateful’. I start or end the day, or randomly write in it things that I’m thankful for. It can be simple like breathing or a person or a chance meeting or a seemingly sucky situation like falling in the mud and the ability to laugh at myself. Catch myself in the act of living and embracing. The thoughts instantly put me back in inspiration, as I realize all the things I do have, now what’s ‘missing.’ I reconnect to my source, as feelings of love and kindness surge through my body. I feel truly alive as I give thanks for something simple like my heart beating. My ego is tucked securely away and I am ready to take on the day, to think and serve others, to Be myself, Be Happy, to Be grateful, to laugh, to radiate kindness and love, to see beauty unfolding around me, to not judge but extend compassion, to  live in awe and bewilderment of each moment transcending death into spirit. Each day is new and fresh when you live in gratitude. What are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful for the path I am on and for being inspirational. For all the beautiful people in my life that allow me to practice my love and kindness and the prospects of another moment of time to be better still.

See it’s simple!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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