Seperate yet Connected

I’ve been struggling with concept the last month or so. I go through phases in my spiritual journey: opportunity, Being (always on-going), non-judgment (also always present), love, beauty, and so on, but this one has taken me more time. Most of my other paths have significant events linked to them or epiphanies, and this one I’ve thought about, but had a harder time wrapping my head around. Connectedness, this part I get the easiest. Like with love and with my Dr. Dyer readings, I see myself in others, and therefore must love them like I love myself. We all come from this infinite source (call it what you want, call it god, that depends on your beliefs). We all have the same basic physical needs, but emotional, as well. I think that ultimately we all strive to be better, whether we ‘succeed’ at that or not vary. We all struggle and battle with this, but like Anne Frank said: Despite everything, I believe people are really good at heart. I remember reading this in high school and it struck me instantly and has always remained with me. Here is a little girl hiding from Nazi’s because of her faith, facing death for it, she could complain; yet she stills retains that the human spirit is good. Like I said this has been engrained in my mind, so when I began reading Dyer and this Oneness, I believed it, I embraced it. Instead of looking for what bothered me about someone or what got on my nerves, I began looking for myself. Challenging myself to embrace all (I admit sometimes-like last week- I struggle to do this and I have a harder time with some individuals, but I truly feel that I am progressing). But next comes separateness. I get that I can love all these people, but when I look at it and how I feel about each one, the love is different. Like I love my mom and I love Tab, but for different reasons and in different ways. When Dyer talks about possessions being strings attached to you, I feel this way with love. Like everyone represents a little string implanted in my heart, each one pulling a little differently. So even though we are all connected, we are different. What I struggle with, then, is trying to label and decipher this separateness. Call it a meme, I know I shouldn’t label that everything exists from duality and that labels can lead to judgment, but I have a hard time letting this one go sometimes, especially with myself. I find myself constantly separating myself and distract from one oneness by making things special. I let thoughts pop up that I’m weird or crazy or different or smart or some other superficial thing. Like I feel that others don’t think or feel like I do. I don’t stop and think that people are good or that they want to be good. Move on then to more Dr. Dyer. When I read about manifesting or shifting and it talks about our ordinary conditioning. We’re conditioned from birth to be a certain way, to fit into societal norms. It’s not our parent’s fault, that’s how they were conditioned too. We’re raised with a built in set of means and pressures for what and how life is supposed to be. But then Dyer talks about breaking free of this conditioning for ordinary to be extraordinary. Struggle (if I aim to be extraordinary am I differentiating myself)! Then in the shower, when I’m thinking about this post, epiphany! What is an extraordinary life? Being extraordinary, is just that BEING (duh its something I talk about frequently is the undercurrent of all the spiritual reading I do). Life is being. And the beauty of being is that we choose how and who to be by the moment. Here is some Dr. Dyer for more perspective:

“The ideal of your soul, the thing that it yearns for, is not more knowledge. It is not interested in comparison, nor winning, nor light, nor ownership, nor even happiness. The ideal of your soul is space, expansion, and immensity, and the one thing it needs more than anything else is to be free to expand, to reach out and to embrace the infinite. Why? Because your soul is infinity itself. It has no restrictions or limitations—it resists being fenced in—and when you attempt to contain it with rules and obligations, it is miserable. Your invisible self is extraordinary because it is a fragment of the universal soul, which is infinite.”

 In allowing being then we also allow others to be themselves, yet remain connected to them (I feel like I just talked in a circle, but its something easier to feel and think than to express in mere words, and maybe that’s because it’s something that shouldn’t be explained). Draw the lines of connectedness in your state of extraordinary. This is a constantly evolving thought, but it is a stride in the right direction, I feel.

BE, Love, Illuminate



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