Like Your Last

The closing of a year is a funny thing and despite my current stance on living, I find it very thought-provoking. Of course it is just a change in number and not really a dramatic change in your being; but non-the-less is symbolic, nostalgic and I must say compelling. It symbolizes a new chance for most people. We often say it is rebirth of sorts. As we look back, they see ways they want to change themselves for the better in the coming year (kind of like how Monday’s people are more motivated to start the week off right, but I can testify that more people work out on Monday’s than on Fridays). As I look back I see this tremendous growth, yet I am also content in life and see nothing in the future. No big plans, goals or desires, no anticipations. Like I’ve written, I’m pretty focused on the step by step (day by day) process of life, completely happy with life and my surroundings. Needless to say on Friday I found myself wondering: how do I want to spend my last day of 2011? Almost parallel to the thought of living like it’s your last day (which is a popular day and I remember my father playing “Live like you were dying” by Tim McGraw everyday, there for a while). People have bucket list or ideas of grandeur of what they want to do. I run through all kinds of options: I could drive to NY and watch the ball drop, I could go camping (a very tempting idea), I could go to Indy to see Elizabeth, I could take a trip (maybe even convince my grandma) into a road trip. This last one calls to me, so I pick up the phone. Where do you want to go? (Niagara Falls), I don’t know. I think in the past I’ve shown my lack of preparation. A couple of hours later, “how about we go to Miram (where the hell is that is my initial thought)?” Hell yes, I’m just glad to get my grandmother out of the house, to have her tap into her adventuresome side (another one bitten by my infectious teeth for living and life), bring Dane too (my cousin, who I readily admits tests my god(or good)liness). I find myself tucked in the car, ready to go where ever my grandmother wants to take me. It works out perfectly-she gets to do all the planning that she likes and I go in blind, learning through her and enjoying the experience, for what it is, not having had any expectations. No rush, just driving around those “Fly over states” as my grandma tells me stories from her childhood and points out meaningful landmarks from her past. I am enthralled getting to know her on another level. I don’t even mind Dane, as we share our curiosities and revert back to children ourselves as we monkey around on the playground equipment. Just a relaxing day with family. But how to spend the last night? Initially I had resisted the thought of the black and white soiree, but I make up my mind to join my friends in their fun. I look around as everyone is celebrating and kissing (for which my fellow single gal Shadow is very spiteful), just calm and relaxed for the thought of a new year with such beautiful surroundings. So I spent my ‘last day’ with people I love, right here in Terre Haute, Indiana. The best place to be is where you are. You have the ability to make each experience. The plans and dreams aren’t the priority, but agin, it’s about following your intuition because it has the potential for greatness and unexpected experiences. 2012 is the year of right now! Still clinging to the idea of presence on my ‘last day’ of living. Thankful

BE, Love, Illuminate


Pictures from my ‘last day’


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