Mindfulness for Change

  Winding down from the Holiday, I dig in with some Thich Nhat Hanh True Love, and a little mindfulness. I’d heard of mindfulness before and practiced it with Yogi Dom inVancouver, but it takes presence and living to another level. As many are setting goals for weight loss, I think this is appropriate. I’ve heard it so often ‘this program is great, but you have to be ready to change in order to make progress’ and like my Dad says ‘you’ve got to change your thoughts in order to change your body.’ The top of our pyramid is meditation and Dr. Dyer talks frequently about it, previously I had dabbled with it during hunting season, but this small little book has brought new life to the thought, What if when I woke up and told myself to be good and live with thanks, I also paused to fill up on life? Or when I’m at a stop light (this is for my father who learned the hard way of patience and missed an opportunity for mindfulness). It could be as simple as a breathe in and a breathe out and there you have it; life! In my tree and now in the mornings, I have this little practice, where I’ll close my eyes. Then I’ll just feel this energy (light) inside, I’ll start at my head, feel it spread down into my chest and fingertips, before traveling down and out of my toes. I instant feel alive; I am present (like waves of electricity our pulsating throughout my body). I’m cognizant of my body, of my breathing, of my heartbeat and the very things that make me physically alive. It doesn’t have to be this, but your own little deep breath reflections. ” I am aware of my eyes (for example), breathe in.” “I am smiling with my eyes breathe out.” How often we take advantage of the precious gift of sight. Either we use it to only see ugliness in the world or we become walking dead. Numbing ourselves with t.v., work, food, alcohol, cigarettes, anything to distract us. This book was on love, but it made a splendid point on addictions (and in this industry food is a real addiction, just look at the stats on this countries growing health problems. Believe me I am not exempt from this and have had my own struggles with it.). Like the book says: What do you say? Daily mindfulness not only for health, but for presence. Breath in, breath out- You are alive! Here is where my mindfulness began: in my treestand (my favorite pictures from the season).

BE, Love, Illuminate



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