imageIn this calming nature that has come over me and revitalized my vision; I have come to recognize opportunity. Generally a mellow spirit. I find lately, things rarely ruffle my feathers, anymore. I.E.

My mom tells me Dad is sorry for cutting me off, something I hadn’t minded at all. I didn’t take it personally and actually thought the discussion as a whole was great.

I drop my phone in the snow and I have to go back and retrieve it. I don’t care about the phone (things are replaceable) or the fact that I’m going to be late for work.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and things that may seem shitty are actually blessing or opportunities if you view them as such or are open to them. Dropping my phone was an opportunity to take the original 2 hour hike I had wanted and to climb Snow hill again (an activity that recenters me). My dad took on the habit of running red lights in lightly trafficked areas, until he got pulled over and realized he needed to work on patience. So a violation became a lesson (he could have used these lights to practice mindfulness). A DUI is a chance to see that maybe you do have a problem or that you need to make better decisions; to be more thankful that you got caught before you wrecked your car and killed yourself or worse someone else; to be aware and appreciate that you’re alive. I’ve pointed out before about my experience hitch hiking, that it provided me with an opportunity to meet new people and show the wonderfulness of the human spirit. I didn’t get frustrated, but opened my mind and just let things happen. Arguments with a loved one are and opportunity to squash your ego about being right or wrong. It’s a chance to change your prejudices (Thoreau) and to love them more! Accept who they are and let them BE, just listen (I’ve been working on this one too and more peaceful when I’m practicing this way). There are opportunities all around (even in the darkness) we just have to open ourselves up to it. Relax, don’t take yourself too seriously and ease up on others (in the scheme of life daily inconveniences or arguments now will be forgotten later or irrelevant). Don’t wait too late to take advantage of these little opportunities now. Also, living like great things are possible and positive thoughts, attract the same kind of energy. So if you’re thinking about how shitty your life, the worse it’s going to seem. If you look at life with kindness, beauty and love; that’s what you’ll get back. Keep your eyes and mind open for little chances today!

BE, Love, Illuminate



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