Yet another spectacular person, I am winding down on  my birthday posts with the wonderful Miss Elizabeth Curly. I mentioned in Chelsey’s that in evaluating my friendships, that each one has its own treasure and that I find myself in different ways in each. If me and Chelsey like the same things, me and Elizabeth definitely think alike. Almost on a scary realm, we are known for saying things at the same time, even when we’re talking about something completely different, we’ve stopped and yelled the same time (she knows what I’m talking about). We have similar upbringings, from larger Catholic families and married parents. I’ve never met someone who is so effortless for me to talk too (remember I prefer listening to talking).  I remember spending hours with her on the phone when we first moved away to college and we’ll ideally stroll along the mall (because we both don’t want to be the decision maker of what to do, plus its Terre Haute- a little low on happening activities) now catching up on each others lives and what’s new. Although I sometimes am a bit far-fetched for her (Oh Brittany), she goes along with my crazy and even when we discuss topics beyond our scope of reasoning (like feelings of where life is going or what we feel we’re supposed to do once we’ve graduated or how it is to be cool with everyone yet not really close to anyone= basically growing up and trying to figure things out). Yet even though we don’t necessarily know how to explain ourselves, we have this uncanny ability to understand each other, because in most circumstances we feel the same or we react to situations similarly (at a loss to explain this, but like I said we think alike, therefore we react to scenarios in similar ways, although I’ve gone off the deep end more so than usual lately). She like me is often the relaxed, drama-free person in the middle. Cool with everyone, not really taking sides or caring, we’ll talk to anyone and really have no beef with anyone. Is it really any surprise then that in school we were nearly inseparable (our senior year we had all but like 2 classes together the whole year then would spend time traveling to sporting events together or academic competitions, until we get in trouble for having too much fun or other school activities because I was her unofficial assistant treasurer). In looking for pictures for this post (these are only minimal too, a lot of my pics are in scrap books and we don’t have very many from high school) I was reminded of all the good times we had and she is pretty much apart of nearly all my best memories: from middle school in the library with David to Mrs. Ramy’s class where I would draw cartoons and we sat by Brannon, to high school and the Ultimate Fan clubs (I think that fact that her, Tab and I were polled on our opinion of the hiring for the next basketball coach is testament enough to our power in school) to going to every football game with Dave Sullivan and the blow horn, to talking trash about Nick Wales (6’8 and can’t make a lay-up, classic and our baseball one’s were so impressive that they were taken from us), to making run throughs in Tonya’s (God bless) class with Shane and Ryan, to golf carts at the girls golf match, moving cars, scaring and risking our lives at Morgan’s house, Ninja Turtles, cleaning at the Prettyman’s, taking Baskin Robins signs, flat tires in Toad hop, screaming down the hall that we got A’s on our calculus tests (and being the problem solvers for our group, as the brilliant Kyle Tidd copied our work), Ebash (chupacobra), Butler Basketball games, trips to BroadRipple where she played the drums with strangers and partied with classy-men in ie dye shirts, more Butler basketball with Kray, dancing our butts off at the Rock Lobster trying to escape British stalkers, to The Beaver and free Captain Morgan sunglasses and IU baseball players. Too many options to name. Now as we get older and try to push ourselves to living and experiencing I try to meet her every so many months so that we can do something new. We’ve went rock climbing, done pottery, went to an Indians game, went to the Indy 500 trials (my first cart ride and the discovery of the magical powers of my tribal skirt), or something simple like shopping (she still owes me a trip to duck pin bowling). Although we don’t see or talk all the time like we used to, we both make a conscious effort to keep in touch and I’ve visited her at all her places in Indy and she makes sure to call or text anytime she’s in Terre Haute. Besides all these great times, she is genuinely a phenomenal person, and she comes from one of the best families (her mom is unbelievably sweet). She is incredibly smart, kind, adventurous (she has improved very much on this), compassionate; she is just amazing and again I am so thankful to have fabulous people like this in my life to keep me inspired. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon during this holiday season.


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