Kind Kayla

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I’d like to give a little shot out to my girl Kayla on her 24th birthday. Although I don’t know Kayla as well as some of my other friends, she is just as important. First introduced by the star of yesterday’s post, Miss Chelsey Catherine, she is bubbly and energetic. If I had to use one word for Kayla, it would be Happy. She is constantly smiling and effervescent, with a compliment on hand. I love when we go dancing and it seems like every song is her favorite. Her face lights up in recognition, “I love this song,” all the while seeming to attract the creepier of characters. On many adventures she was my fellow-blonde hair companion (although I change my hair too much for this to be consistent). I love it, she calls me her Lady Gaga friends, but I have witnessed the development of her style and heel collection as well. Although I don’t see her often, we still have great memories together. From Walks, to concerts, to dancing at Ikes and Jonsies,to Fourth of July fireworks at the Landing, to trips to Bloomington where I forget my ID, but we still get to mingle with cute IU med students. She loves to bake like me (I find my feed loaded with delicious looking treats that she has prepared), she is smart and dedicated to school, she’s a great aunt, beautiful, kind, compassionate, and so-on and so-on. Basically is hands-down an all around great person, who once again I am so thankful to have in my life. Not everyone has as many wonderful people in their lives, as I do, let alone happy life-loving individuals like Kayla. Thanks Kayla and I know we’ll have more times to come (I’m seeing another move back to blond again in the future so we can be a team again). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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