Cheers to Chelsey

Yet another birthday (although just as important), I find it more challenging each time to fully express my thoughts or feelings for these stupendous individuals that have graced my life. Trying to define a relationship or love is like having to explain a joke. It takes away from the magic and purity of what is. Regardless, I am going to attempt to express how much Chelsey means to me, even though these few words and pictures can not come close to doing justice for what’s really in my heart and my thoughts. Although Chelsey is my ‘newest’ friend, our relationship has had the most profound affect on me and my life would be exponentially different if she hadn’t been there the last three years (not nearly as fun, for one). I should have known that I met a truly amazing person, when the first night I met her I threw up in her car, and we are still friends (and I was excited in searching through pictures to find a picture of our first meeting that I had never seen before but I can tell by the dreaded cursed shirt I was wearing, that I threw up every time I wore it. We often remember much of our 21st years by what we were wearing).  Two weeks after I met her, I was invited to her birthday celebration with her family at the Copper Bar and by the pictures you would think we had been friends for a long time. This was definitely one of most epic nights and was a turning point in all of our lives I think. Part of what I love about Chelsey is that she let’s people in. I had hardly known her and made an ass of myself the first time we met, yet she still accepted
me. She let me into her family, making me feel welcome, like we’d known each other our whole lives (and most people actually think she went to school with us. You went to South, really?). It’s the same way three years later. She nurtures my nomad wandering spirit; often letting me stay at her home on her weekends off for our Brittany and Chelsey shows. I’ve been to family nights, weddings, bachelorette parties, and more with her family. I’ve sat with her, Deb and John and her extended family of aunts and uncles; watching them play scrabble and prepare home cooked meals. Just like I’m part of the family and Deb is one of my other mothers (Eunice is my 80’s rocker mom); while me and John are able to chill when they’re gone watching survival shows in a comfortable silence. She is this way with everyone though, just the sweetest person I know. She puts herself out there and is not afraid to love. Sometimes by putting yourself out there you get hurt, but if you don’t make yourself vulnerable or allow others in or take a risk on someone, then you’ll never know love. She is willing to go above and beyond for others. Part of this I think is her outlook on life. I find that here we are very similar. She wants to live and do things in life, to have adventures and try new things. When I tell her about my crazy schemes and ideas, she doesn’t tell me no or tell me everything that can go wrong. She encourages me and wants to come along. She has a passion to do things in life (which could be part of the reason for our bucket list together). I’ve been just sitting with her, “you want to go to Cataract Fall?”. Sure why not! Impromptu trips or random craft projects are the norm. I don’t know if part of this comes from being sick (she had pancreatic cancer), like being close to almost not being here makes someone appreciate life more. I don’t know completely how to explain it, but she has a different passion for life, than most others. I see this especially in her relationship with Deb. I tell my mom about it all the time (even though me and mom have a phenomenal relationship ourselves) and it actually makes me appreciate my mom more. They’re so close, and although Deb is very laid back, she is protective at the same time. It’s just sweet, and I can feel the love and energy between them when I am with them (but again it’s hard to explain). But I could see how almost losing someone makes you appreciate and love them more, and never take their presence for granted (which could be part of what I’m picking up). As I evaluate my friendships and apply my Tao principles, I see myself differently in each friend. Besides life outlook, I think one the biggest similarities with me and Chelsey (which we are a lot alike by the way) is this incredible creative energy that we have, that almost seems unbearable when we are together. I have come home after a day of crafts with Chelsey and thought, what the fuck just happened. It’s like something else takes over and we just lose are minds and we can’t stop,but have to take it to the extreme level. She feeds my imagination. When I come up with a crazy outfit or new hairstyle (and in going through pictures her hair has changed just as much as mine the last few years) or a new tattoo, she gets it and can envision it. She’s my favorite shopping partner and accessorizer (she is master of jewelry). And then there are the times we completely lose our minds: when we bake cupcakes, create glasses, etc. Where one idea leads to another which leads to another to the point where people think we’re high. Besides all this overabundance of creativity, we both have a passion for the outdoors. Spur of the moment trips to Turkey Run (we actually took Tab there for her first time) for hikes aren’t out of the question. We’ll stroll along discussing life, hypothesizing about the future (weddings, marriage, children, etc), dreams and hopes. I am so excited that she is going to get a bow, so that we can spend afternoons practicing our archery skills, plus hunting and all the benefits and bonding that come along with it (just so long as Tab doesn’t call the Bomb squad on us). I could gush on and on about her. She is such a blessing to not only my life, but anyone else that gets the pleasure of encountering her. Again words fail me to portray her magnificence. I love her and am thankful to have met her three years ago (it’s hard to believe I’ve only known her for such a short time, I can only imagine what the future holds as we grow older and hopefully wiser together). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEY!


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