Keeping Tabs on Tabby

How to even begin this one, how to put in words (rather attempt too) such a force in my life. There are too many feelings, memories, pictures and crazy-ass stories to try to remember and explain to others. I began this with Shadow and now I will push onward to my dear friend Tabitha Nicole Wood. She would do anything for me (or any of our other friends). Besides my mom, she is my biggest cheerleader, even though I admit I do test her and she tries sometimes to rangle me in, but ultimately she accepts me just the way I am. She’s always encouraging to me and protective (sorry to any men that have just talked to me and met the wall with your face, no one will ever be good enough for me in Tabby’s eyes, which really messes up my game sometimes). She’s given me so much, not only material things (like a roof over my head and a couch to crash on, that she so famously claims and which the amazing Doug Wood finds so amusing), but she has given me time, love, honesty, etc. We have this unbelievably honest relationship (we’re not your typical girls that talk behind each others back

we’ll say it to your face, nor to we tip-toe around feelings but give to you straight). Tab can be brash and is known for speaking her mind, and I hate to lie, so together there are no secrets. We’re not afraid to tell each other anything (which in this case Tab likes to push the level of appropriateness and usually takes it one step too far, toeing the line of comfort- which I have just grown accustom too), without judgement, which is a quality and luxury that not all get to experience (plus she can’t really hide anything from me, I can read her like a book). We know each other so well. I can tell you what she’s going to order, before she even knows. With all this, though, we are unbelievably different in most ways. We sometimes will just look at each other in awe of how we’re such good friends, when we are so different. Harmony: we balance each other out perfectly (balance seems to be a reoccurring them with me). My cool, relaxed, pacifist, free-spirited soul balances her passionate, expressive, high-energy, in-your face, and sometimes stressful or slightly dramatic self. She has always seemed fearless to me. Unafraid to approach anyone or speak her mind, my sometimes introverted side has always admired this quality in her (even though I jest sometimes that Tab is running for mayor). These differences, actually make a force to be reckonedwith (ask anyone who saw us when we were 21, or anyone who has seen us on occasion out together: divide and conquer). In our friendship infancy, I always thought of Tab as my fun/wild friend, perfect for partying with, but she has turned into so much more. Somewhere along the way she turned into a confidante. We’ve told each other things, that no one else knows, we’ve spent car rides and nights sipping on Long Islands discussing the finer points of life, conclusions on our own experiments with living and our utter confusion sometimes of what we think or what we should do (or what to do with our hands), philosophies, fears, and insecurities. So even though I have all these insane memories, I also have some wonderful heart-felt moments, and times that have tested our friendship (I think we’ve come out stronger for it). With this, I think Tab is misunderstood (or rather judged) by many. With all of this wonderful boldness, is a compassionate and caring person. She’s a nurse an I’ve always believed it takes a certain kind of person to take care of others and Tab most definitely has it. You can see it in her protective nature: she cares, bottomline (and is actually more sensitive than she may like to admit). I could seriously go on-and-on about her and what her and her family have meant to me and all the wonderful memories (It took me awhile to sift through all of our pictures and I had a hard time condensing them down). Basically, I love  this girl, we can truly be ourselves in each others’ company. She has my back and she is my equal, together we are in harmony. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A WONDERFUL PERSON AND THE MOST FAITHFUL, LOVING FRIEND. She’s perfect the way she is and I feel so blessed to have such a powerful energy in my life!


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