Why Everyone Needs a Shadow!

          The time is coming, that gift giving time of year and it starts with my friend Christine Shadow’s (just Shadow, I called her Christine once and needless to say it was weird) birthday. I love giving presents and doing things for other people (not so fond of actually reaching them myself; however), I consider it part of my Tao/inspirational/spiritual lifestyle to serve. I’ve never been one to give gift cards or material presents, I like to put thought into it, to make the recipient the most important thing that they’re special to me and this day is special. Clothes go out of style, but memories and experiences stick with you. The more I grow and seek out this intentional life, I realize that time is the most precious thing (this is part of the reason I don’t drink- it speeds up time). Forget money and the accumulation of objects and toys, I want to spend QUALITY time with the people I love, exploring life and BEING (I’m big on living in the now) with them. Ok so I am taking her rock climbing, but I want to give her something personal that she can have as well. Since I’ve been working recently on appreciation and expressing myself, the best thing seemed to be to make a list of why I love this crazy red-head, complete with some of our best pictures (because we have a camera obsession). So here we go, in no specific order:

  • She has a big heart, generous to the max for her friends and family
  • Her closeness with her family; especially her love for her nieces and nephews (she is going to make a fantastic mom someday)
  • Loyalty- I know she has my back no matter what and would probably take out anyone talking shit (she actually has freaked out before because she thought some guy called me a bitch- I feared for him!)
  • Her selflessness and giving spirit
  • Her fiery personality- she’s a pistol, says what’s on her mind and has no apologies for it
  • Loud (this seems to be a trend with my friends), she talks loud and a lot, which I love because I much prefer to listen than talk so it helps put me at ease. This loudness in all my friends could be why people are always staring at us, or for our sometimes crude conversations (who knows or cares!)
  • Funny- she’s nuts and entertaining and sometimes ditzy
  • She’s active: if I want to call someone to do something sports related (like play catch), she’s definitely the one I am going to call
  • History, I’ve know her for a long time, going to our sisters’ softball games since we were little and picking on Jamie Christopher’s brother Pauly and Cliff
  • I always know where we’re going to eat-Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse (and I could probably give her order for her as well)
  • If I wanted to do karate in the garage, she would be down (she loves Will Ferrell as much as I do)
  • Her indecision when I’m trying to take her home from bar of where she wants to go (once I’ve finally gotten her in my car)
  • Her love of Diet Mountain Dew
  •  I love in spite of the fact that she throws graham crackers at me
  • Drunk Shadow that I can not understand ‘Brittanyghslf hgoso ohgo’ is pretty much all I get
  • She’s photogenic (although she always has to smile and leaves me to be the only one making stupid faces) and we take the most amazing pictures together
  • She doesn’t usually dance, but it’s so funny when she finally lets loose and is crazy on the dance floor (although its also fun to dance on her when she doesn’t want to dance)
  • Playing euchre- she is probably one of the most competitive people I know (and I come from a family that holds its own Olympic Games)
  • Nights with her at the Bally where she doesn’t remember there being a bull
  • The fact that we don’t like the same types of guys, yet end up with the same guys
  • She lets me into her family and we can enjoy fairs, fireworks and such
  • Mas inteligente
  • I love her in spite of fact that she creeps on my dates and holds stake outs in the CVS parking lot
  • She’s afraid of elevators, so I get a good stair workout whenever I’m with her
  • She’s a people watcher- she sits there and let’s people watch her
  • Chasing her down 9th street (repeatedly)
  • If I wanted to steal a car she has and would help me

This list could go on and on (and we have entirely too many stories), I love her just like I love everyone else; I see myself in her and she is a piece of me. She’s outspoken, caring and generally a blast to be around. Dear Shadow: Thank-you for being in my life, may our friendship continue indefinitely and your life flourish, you’re spectacular and a blessing to anyone that is fortunate enough to have you in their life!

  • Also my Dr. Dyer feed the other day said ‘Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.’ What a beautiful connotation, I aspire to live so others feel they can be their true-selves in my presence and am grateful that I have friends, like Shadow who allow me to be myself (which can be a lot to handle, but they do a good job of going along with my wacky schemes).

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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