Progression through Life’s Stages to Manifest

I’ve felt a great sence of awakening lately, while reading Dr. Dyer, I realized that it’s a change in adult stages. In our business we are obsessed with the physical body. I realize that my transformation this summer dealt with this stage, athletic (which I’ll get too), but the purpose of my new journey is to do it from a spiritual state, where I can manifest and then my body will just BE 15% and stay that way. Athletic is on its way out, while spiritual is on its way in. So what are these stages? Athletic, Warrior, Statesperson and the Spirit. Like I said I feel like I deal with athletic the most. Clearly my job deals with the body/body image and most come to us to lose weight (or for a healthy lifestyle choice for themselves-usually the first though), but I also feel like most of my peers fall into this stage. It doesn’t mean sports, but where we are consumed with our physical selves. Its about the size of our muscles or how small our waist is. It extends further to how our hair, nails, makeup, clothes, and in is material world the appearance of our cars and homes. We are consumed with working out, shopping, ‘dieting’, surgery trying to ‘perfect’ ourselves. Our world revolves around validation from others and how well we fit into socities’ and others idea of how we should be. What’s sad is that some never leave this stage and their daily activities revolve around a predetermined standard of performance and appearance. There’s nothing wrong with pride in your body or enjoying compliments, but it’s not consuming you or making you. To truly manifest a healthy body (or anything else) we have to push toward the spiritual stage (there are also the warrior=ego driven and statesperson=serving others). I believe when I was making my first transformation, I was heading toward spiritual, yet I was still hanging out in the athletic stage too much. I realize now that this new ‘awakening’ is a push toward the spirit. Freedom from my body and peace, so that it will just BE. What does this spiritual stage mean? In this stage you become aware of your immortal higher self. You are not your body, but your spirit (soul, whatever you want to call it). Pure energy that cannot die. In this stage you see that everything you could ever desire has always been there, but now you are able to see (Its not what you look at, but what you see- Thoreau). As I push towards this stage I realize this. I no longer fear death (although I feel most people fear living more than dying), like my tattoo says “Don’t fear death fear life Unlived.” But I realize its not just about realizing I need to live, but that I won’t die. This body is just my temporary physical vessel here on earth, there is no pain (like I practice separating from my physical body when caught in a hail storm on Pikes Peak) or suffering. Since its temporary, this is why I need to nourish and take care of it NOW. I really FEEL my spirit now. I’ve just realized that the electric energy I’ve often felt pulsating through me is my spirit (and is the feeling that Eckhart talks about in the Power of Now, living on this higher plane). In this stage nothing seems impossible, there is everything around me that I need: love, beauty, kindness. If I wanted something: money, etc. I could manifest it. All I find though is that I want to serve others (I already have everything that I need). It may seem that (or I thought before) that I needed to change my body, but on this elevated plane I see that it is perfect and by leaving it alone and not ‘wanting’ it, that it will take care of itself. Today all I have to do is nourish myself. This is definitely a deep/complex issue to tackle, but I hope my point came across. Move towards the spirit stage, manifest and let your SPIRIT SOAR!

BE, Love, Illuminate



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