Love EssayThis is something I’ve went over and over in my mind, but the complexity has kept me from it OR trying to write about it takes away from its magic. Just like defining play or the Tao or explaining a joke; it takes away from the essence and BEING that makes it wonderful. There are so many forms of love! It is probably the purest feeling and expression. What struck me in the Power of Now is that we love everyone, just with varying levels and intensities. This made me think, do I love everyone? I think of different individuals in my life. I conclude that I do- I LOVE EVERYONE. Why wouldn’t I love them? If I see myself in others and I love myself, therefore I must love them. What a strange thing for people to grasp, I would get some strange looks if I went around telling people I love them (especially guys because I feel like they would take it as a romantic gesture), like I’m a creep. I don’t really care, though, because that’s how I feel. Do I need it reciprocated? No, although I do believe the more love you project the more love you will receive! My friends laugh when I claim to be radiating love and kindness (the Power of Intention-Dr Dyer). It’s kind of like happiness. It’s a choice and I CHOOSE to feel love around me and to give love. I will admit when I’m radiating there are some with armor up trying to fend it off, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. Now I do agree that the intensity varies. Some people you just don’t click with as well. I’m not going to love a stranger like I love my mom, a prime example. I feel like I love my mom more than anyone, like she’s a piece of me. I also love my friend Tab, but in a different way than I love my mom, but she too is a piece of me. I love my family (extended in this case: cousins, aunts, grandparents), although, we may not see each other regularly or are not involved in one another’s lives, they are a part of me, part of where I’ve come and shaped me and there’s automatically a deeper connection there that draw you in. of course I love my immediate family (Dad, Cliff, Amanda, Todd, Gavin, Trenton) too, but this brings me into saying it. Saying I love you is such a big deal in this country (those 3 little words). They can be terrifying and exhilarating. People wait anxiously in relationships for someone to be the first to utter these words. Why? Why is it challenging? I’ve been exploring this. I tell my mom I love her everyday, yet not my father. When I think about it, I love my father more than words can express, but in 23 years we’d managed not to say this. Finally after a day telling others my appreciation for them, I called my appreciation for them, I called my Dad and by the end we were finally able to say it. Sigh, relief at last! I laugh at my nephews when Gavin greetsTrentonwith a hug and says ‘I love you brother.’ I joke that me and Amanda should greet each other like that, but then I think how come me and Amanda can’t express our feelings? Here memes come into place, hard-asses like our father; I can picture the look of disgust or of concern like I’d lost my mind. But I do love her, I wrote her a letter (and my friends too) because I’m better expressing myself through writing them than speaking them (which I don’t think is bad because it gets my thoughts and feelings out of my head and to their recipients that way they at least know where I stand, rather than making assumptions). What I learned? Tell people you love them, even if its written (this way they have proof they’re loved as well)! Well of course there is romantic love and I must admit this is completely foreign to me as I’ve never even had a boyfriend. But I must admit I’m perplexed by it. If you love everyone how are you supposed to know someone is right? Of course the intensity will vary, but I tend to like people very much so how do you know? Is there one person for everyone (I know a question as old as time)? I don’t know, I think I’m going to have to explore this more, but I should try a relationship first which means I should probably mean I start dating (problem-I never see guys!). Oh well, I’m patiently waiting because I am a firm believer in love and have some fabulous examples (my grandparents have been married over 50 years and my parents for 32), but until then I’ll just keep on loving everyone! I love ME and I love all of YOU that have stumbled onto this post. Radiate love and you will see it all around you!

BE, Love, Illuminate



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