Defining Beauty

image Ah the vanity and pressures we Americans place on ourselves. The beauty industry makes bank and many drop serious cash in pursuit of approval, but for what? So some stranger tells us we’re pretty or do we do it for ourselves (sweating it out at the gym, painting makeup on, shaving, facelifts, countless diets where most end up starving themselves or worse making themselves sick, etc)? There is an ideal of what beauty is, but most go through life with low self-esteem because we do fit this image. Some of the prettiest people I know have the worst self-images. So who or what defines what is beautiful (like the Tao, says beauty only exists because there is ugly, but what is ugly, who is ugly?) I find myself getting drug into this too. I’ve put back on a few pounds and sometimes get on myself because I don’t look like I did this summer, but I have to step back and remember my inspired training. I am healthy (just like I tell people, this is a lifestyle and I do this for my future health, not some vain attempt to please other now); perfect the way I am. I am doing my best and I feel happy, my body fat is still healthy, so what else can I ask for or possibly want. Just because I’d rather be 15% does not mean that I am not beautiful NOW (hence my epiphany for this post). Like it said in the Power of Intention, choose to see the beauty and kindness surrounding you. My friends jest at me because I’ve been practicing this and I really do consider everyone beautiful, you have to see yourself in others (this helps you judge less too). Don’t look at the seeming imperfections, but look at the distinctions that make each person special (see their inner beauty shining through). Like Thoreau said, it’s not what you look at, but what you see. You choose to be. I realized that it doesn’t matter if others think I’m pretty (I’d rather people be drawn to my spirit), but that I think I am. I snapped this picture in my tree stand to see my new hair color and I realized that even though I had hardly any makeup (deer don’t really care what you look like) on, but I was beautiful. This discovery of finally understanding what I’d read by Dr. Dyer, but now I’d finally applied it. It’s one thing to tell yourself something and another to actually feel and believe it. I instantly lit up, feeling electric with life. Looking around, I am humbled and silenced by the utterly perfect beauty of nature, like a light had been turned on and I could see everything with new eyes. Since then, I have been walking around just brimming with appreciation for all the beauty (and love) that surrounds me. By accepting myself, I’ll be in harmony with my and body so getting to 15% will just happen on its own and will just BE. So lesson learned? Beauty is all around; we just have to SEE it, starting with ourselves. You can’t stop judging others until you stop judging yourself and trying to satisfy an image of yourself that will please others or fall into societies definition of beauty. YOU are beautiful, I AM beautiful, open your mind!

BE, Love, Illuminate


Here are some beautiful people in my life (sorry some of these are ‘bad’ pictures but I think they demonstrate their beauty shining inside out)


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