I know my post is supposed to be on Mondays, but yesterday my father and I journeyed to Chicagoto listen to Dr. Dyer speak, so we’ll consider today Wisdom Wednesday instead of Motivational Monday. For those of you whom may not know Dr. Dyer’s books have changed my life (hence my favorite book Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, as well as Excuses Begone, The Shift and The Power of Intention). The year 2011 has been the year of enlightenment and inspiration. We often discuss priorities or goals in  life, my main priority is simple: to be good (call it to be god-like or spiritual or inspired, whatever is least offensive to you). Often I find we say this, but when we really break down what takes up most of our time, it’s full of thoughts of work or problems. I dedicate a majority of my thoughts towards being good, living inspired, and evaluating how to change behavior (here I’m judging I need to work on that, for example). We think of ourselves and often end up complaining about life. Dr. Dyer came on stage, a man who was raised in foster homes, had a tough up bringing, who has been diagnosed with leukemia, whose wife left him; yet there he stood before 1,500 people speaking on how great life is and how to live inspired. Sure there are set backs in life, but you have the power to still magnify and radiate (and that’s exactly what he does, he is enigmatic). The title of this post, was his first words and the theme of the evening. It’s an affirmation. A step in manifesting your dreams. He followed with his principles to move from ordinary (which is the way our memes sculpt us to be) to extraordinary.  Here are the principles:

  1. I Am start with this affirmation. I AM WELL. I AM PERFECT. I AM LOVE. I AM HEALTH. Say what you want (for me) I AM 15%. I AM HAPPY. I AM CONTENT.
  2. imagination if you cannot dream it you can not achieve it. It’s simple. For me imagination is essential to my true-self and something that I highly value. If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~Thoreau
  3. Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. You can rattle off your I am’s but it won’t do any good if you don’t feel it. Feel yourself as thin, as happy, as stress-free, as whatever you desire. Embrace it!
  4. Pay attention to whatever information comes your way about what’s in your imagination. Don’t focus on the negative advice or thoughts because that is what you will attract. Focus on the good and look for th positive. Don’t worry about the subjective opinions of others, follow your intuition and the driving of your true self, not the false self trying to please others and follow the societal norm (remember extraordinary not ordinary-don’t listen to the advice of the ordinary).
  5. Now as I lay me down to sleep. Instead of littering your head full of the day’s mishappenings of stress, take bedtime to fill your head with what you envision. See yourself as thin, as happy, with financial wealth (if that’s what you’re after), but most importantly dream!

I’ve often been considered a dreamer (or a hippy, something I don’t mind), but at least I have ambitions-imaginations. Now I have to manifest them, which I feel as if I have been because I feel content in life and am progressing (manifesting) towards my dreams. I AMBRITTANY. I AM WELL! I AM HEALTHY. I AM STRONG. I AM HAPPY. I AM CONTENT. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM PERFECT. You can be whatever you want, just imaging and manifest because you can be whatever you dream! What are YOU?

Love, BE, Illuminate



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