Another Lake to Table Experience

What better way to start a morning than with a little fishing. This morning started nice and early with the breakfast of champions: eggs and bacon cooked in grass-fed butter with fish oil already prepared (by me of course). Then it’s on the road with Dad and Cliff in tow to try our luck at trout fishing. We spend the early morning scooting along the bank of the big lake. Cast, reel, cast, reel, but to no avail. Realizing we’re not going to have any luck because trout like to hang out in the middle of the lake  and this lake will not reflect upon our fishing skills, so we wander over to the smaller lake  (finding and being joined by the Amanda and Todd) to see what we can muster up. It doesn’t take long before Dad ses the hook and he is in a battle royal with a frisky trout. After he flashes his muscles, the fish is soon his and in a bucket for lunch. We hit the hot spot. I get a bite, but unfortunately listened to the other Bozo and I set the hook too hard, so that we see the largest fish of the day fly through the air and off my hook to safety. Naturally, Dad have to take over and catch yet another trout, right before my nephews pop up. We switch to the other side to try our luck, where the adventure turns. Dad’s line breaks and we have only a few imagecasts left to make, so he tries to take my pole, but being the little shit that I am, I say he’s already caught a fish so its my turn. So Dad tries to teach me to cast instead, which bites him in the ass, as he sees the top of his fishing pole fly into the lake. He tries, but to no avail to catch it with my rod, so the only option left is to swim in and retrieve. Seemingly, right on cue, Amanda and Todd arrive back to witness my swim (which is not permitted) in. Of course we all think its very funny (because he talks so much shit, it’s funny when he has to succumb to illegal early morning swims)! After a few more unsuccessful cast, he must face reality and buck up and swim to retrieve it, run to the truck, and have Todd floor it back to the cabin, as he airs-off on the tailgate in his skivvys. Nothing in this family can happen without being uneventful, but these are the things that bring us closer and make for great ‘fish’ tales. We make it home with our treasure, where Dad shows me how to clean them and chop their heads off, before salt and pepper and frying them in coconut oil, providing the centerpiece for our deliciously fat-burner style lunch! So not only did fishing provide us with quality time, but a sense of sustainability as we saw our lunch go from lake to table, doing all the work ourselves. A true Paleo way, knowing exactly where our food comes from and using our hunter/gatherer instincts to provide for ourselves and our ‘tribe.’ Success!


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