Choosing Happiness in Colorado


Motivation Monday and life lessons with Brittany. I’ve taken to working on gratitude and appreciation. Although it may not always show externally, internally I feel as if I’m brimming to the top. An accumulation of things have led to this. Most notably The Power of Intention reiterated over and over again that one of the ways to align with intention to live in gratitude. Vacations are a real test for this,  when I find myself in that constant presence of my family trying not to get annoyed, it is actually gratitude that reels me back in. As I sit here reading Focus on the Good Stuff, I realize that so often we focus on a goal or think when we accomplish something that we will be happy yet if we do accomplish it we’re often still left feeling unsatisfied and set yet another goal. Goals are good for propelling us forward,  but will they make us happy? Will more money make us happy? Why can’t we be happy now in the moment. I feel now that happiness or feeling good is a choice, just like stress is a choice. In intention Dr Dyer says to just repeat the phrase ‘i want to feel good.’ Misery is often self-inflicted. We have a steam of negative thoughts going through our mind rather than lining ourselves up with the powerful/positive force of intention where we are bursting with love and kindness to the point where we are blinded by the beauty and abundance that surrounds us if we are open to seeing and receiving it. I don’t know about you,  but I want to be happy or just to feel good and content. That’s why I feel I’ve latched on to appreciation,  and although I’ve written about my friends before, my family goes above and beyond and being on vacation makes me more aware that I already have all I need. Like the Power of Now, What’s Lacking? This has helped me. Ask yourself this, what in this very moment do you not have? Not only does it bring you back to the present, but you see what you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor or homeless, jobless, going through some other dark time (often the brightest moments come from the darkest hours). You’re alive right? You’re breathing and alive and if you CHOOSE to see the abundance and light around you, you can feel better. I start and end each day with a simple thank you. How in awe do I feel starting my day like this? I often bubble over just feeling and embracing that I am here living, breathing and able to do anything with the abundance that surrounds me. Of course things will test me throughout the day, but it’s how I react that matters. For instance the other day we may gotten a little lost and I responded to my father by getting defensive and stumbling over my ego, stepping away from intention. What did I do? Apologize for losing my intention so that we could move forward. We dropped it and were able to resume. I chose to go to my path of feeling good rather than dwelling and continuing to let my ego drive me forward, thinking of hows right and wrong. Nothing is ever that important that there has to be conflict about who’s right and wrong. Is it going to be a deal tomorrow? Probably not, only if you let it infest your thinking will it be. When my family is seemingly driving me nuts I have to decide to change my thoughts to ones of loving gratitude. To see the light and beauty in each one, and how fortunate I am to have them in my life. If I am to constantly love myself, so must I love them who I see so much of myself in and who I come from. Finishing up my morning walk (an activity that’s free) with my mom makes me see how wonderful it is that we are healthy and able to share in this experience together. She is here and that is all that matters. If you follow intention you see this abundance everywhere. I realize that I don’t care about abundance of wealth, but of love and that’s exactly what I have manifested. I am surrounded by love and support. They support me unconditionally no matter what,  just as I do them. If I feel a need to take off to California backpacking by myself are they going to stop me? No, they may worry but they’re not going to say anything to detour me from my path. This is going to be our best vacation because that’s what I CHOOSE to manifest. We’ll have our moments but we have ourselves, each other, love and the choice for happiness. See three beauty and love around you. Be grateful to align with intention. How you feel is a choice. Do you choose happiness or misery? I choose HAPPINESS there is nothing lacking!
Love, Inspire, Live


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