EVOO Tastings in Denver

imageWhile on our Friday night out adventure we passed an EVOO market, taking a mental note, I vowed to come back. As today was our downtown day, I found myself in the area and managed to sneak off by myself. It is no secret that I love a market and that it only takes the thought of healthy foods to send me into a state of bliss. I found myself one on one with a beautiful woman and kegs of oils and balsamic waiting on me to try. I was in heaven! With a quick lesson on dispensing, I was off and running for my palate to discover all the wonderful tastes. There were oils from all over the world: Australia, Greece, Spain, the US and of course Italy, each with its own distinct taste based on what the local region had to offer. I was able to walk around and sample while asking the ‘right’ questions. They were all first pressed extra virgin olive oils and the woman was well aware of antioxidant and polyphenol importance to the oils. After much tasting I was hooked on a chipotle Italian EVOO with a major kick in the after taste. Next on to the balsamic. There were an assortment of flavors from black cherry to cinnamon pear to an 18 year old. I couldn’t get the 18image year out of my head, amazing. My helpful companion was excellent on advice for mixing balsamic and EVOO but also prep. It doesn’t just have to be a salad dressing. I plan on marinating my meat in it and stir frying my veggies in it. I could see it being good with fruit as well. These oils are available for order at WWW.evoomarketplace.com. Like I said I got some EVOO to add a little spice in my routine, but I still love my Olio Beato not only for its flavor but for its hydroxytyrosol and antioxidant powers- first pressed oil is key, though when purchasing. I walked out of the market on cloud nine, absolutely illuminating. I had to call dad and tell him about my experience. It was a fat-burners dream. Thank you Denver! Love, Inspire, Live Brittany


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