Seeing Potential in Every Situation

The fire alarm gong off in your hotel room at 1 am may not seem like a good thing, but like all things in life (as I’ve come to realize) it’s about choice. We choose how we view the world and its people. We choose how we react to a situation. We could have a good time or a bad time, bad on the choices we make. Misery and unhappiness (just like stress) are created by us. My family, although a bunch of smart-asses, tend to take the light-hearted approach. Things like 1 am fire alarms tend to just happen in my life, providing me with a list of never ending stories and experiences. We’re not even a day into vacation and we have things to take away already. Firstly, I’d like to note that the fire alarm had been going off for at least 1/2 hours, but not until my father hears it and goes into the get-the-hell-outta-here mode, do any of us drag ourselves out of bed. After several trips back in and out of the room to make sure we have the so-called ‘essentials’, do we make it outdoors (the last one’s I might add). Dad and Todd (the serious ones aka party-poopers) take the boys to the truck to sleep. Of course this leaves Mom, Amanda, Cliff and I, the so-called silly ones to have a great time bonding and abiding to rule #6 (the only rule of the trip) ‘Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!’ In order to do this, first we have to be nosy and converse with our pj-clad neighbors about potential theories. The whole experience reminded me of my freshman year of college, where our alarm went off all of the time, so I elect drugs or burnt popcorn as the reasoning’s behind the alarm. Manda being the nosiest of all traipses to the front to discover the source and comes back with news of fire trucks and everyone taking pics. Well of course! We have to catalog this experience, better yet video tape it because Amanda just so happens to have hers. Ever-so-clever as we are, we decide to play the role of investigative journalist, stretching our creative muscles. We take off in our daper Valentines/love inspired fleece shorts towards all the action. Do you think we could do an interview with a fire fighter? Better not to push our luck, so we head back, taking surveillance of the crowd on our way back, loving the mom leading with her beer and dragging her tot behind- this is what we consider priority thinking. When we get back we decide to do our own ‘disaster’ style video, full-on country/hickish as we could get. No one should probably ever see that video! Eventually people head back in (we’re not actually advised to go back, but figure we’re far enough  away that we can take our own initiative), and crash back to sleep. This could have been a situation where we got frustrated and pissed off about being disturbed on our vacation and having our beauty sleep interrupted, but instead we decided to have fun and make it a good memorable time.


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