Discovering Intention

Motivation Monday: I’ve been working on intention lately. I randomly go through stages of what I want to practice with my inspirational skills (I’ve done nonjudgement, living in the now, seeing good in the seemingly, etc), but now I am solely focused on intention and the energy that I portray. I have slowly been working my way through Dr. Dyer’s book The Power of Intention, and has just sparked a fire in me to be even better. Always a smart ass (although never malicious, merely light-hearted witty comments), I’ve come to realize that I need to harness this and facilitate it towards loving and kind thoughts. Part of the keys to intention are to:

  • Be kind
  • Love
  • See Beauty in everyone and everything
  • See abundance
  • Be receptive

Kindness given is kindness received. The type of energy you give off and radiate are what you get in return. If you stay in a positive loving state, vibrating at a high frequency, not only will you be less influenced by lower level energy forces (Debbie Downers), but you will raise the energy levels of those around you, right? Attitudes are infectious (ever heard that one)! I have realized that my path is not only to inspire but to do so through intention. In order to do that I must constantly be vibrating at a high frequency. To do that I must do the things above. Don’t think negatively, but do things for others (and possibly myself, because you have treat yourself like everyone else, since we are all connected- I am neither inferior or superior to anyone else) without expecting anything in return. The beauty about this though, is usually you’ll find yourself receiving a lot more. That positive energy will attract positive things to your life: the right people magically show up, the right materials show up, strangers offer suggestions that seem right to you, someone calls and tells you information that you’ve been waiting months to here, etc the options are endless as you see abundance with the coming of intention.What’s more you’ll find that you want to be around people more, because you love them, just like you love yourself. This has been a big step for me. Loving and being content for with yourself is easier said than done. I have finally found that I am genuinely happy and content, people may think I have my head in the clouds or that I am ‘high’ on life, but I don’t care. Something I took from the power of now is to ask myself ‘What’s lacking’ on the rare occasion that I’m feeling whinny or stressed and instantly my state of mind is restored. There is nothing missing from my life RIGHT NOW and if there is change it. I no longer feel the need to have my ‘Brittany Time’. I like people because I like and see myself in them, plus I am working on seeing the beauty and light in everyone. Sure not everyone is going to feel my high vibrating energy frequency, but I can’t let that lower my. All I can do is radiate love and positivity and I have no doubt in this world of abundance that as long as I am receptive I will get it all back. That’s all I want is for continued happiness and even better skills at radiating and inspiring through kindness and love. I really see no need for excess money and opulence. I want time and I want time spent with people! Life is beautiful, you are beautiful, see that and try to radiate!

Love, Inspire, Live



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