Uninhibited: Being in the Now

Blogger Brittany: my one weekly post, for Motivation Monday, is inspired by things that I took away from the Power of Now. This video (sorry for quality) goes along with this theme. This new-found enlightenment and freedom of fear has provided an over abundance of electric energy. What better way to expel energy than to dance. Recently I’ve found myself constantly want to dance: at work, in the car with everyone watching and able to identify me in my pink-striped car, at the Rex games, at Holiday World in line with Tab creating our own music(letting loose on unsuspecting bystanders and potentially blowing their minds), all of which has led up to this video. All this has come with the tearing down of walls and pushing aside fears. Acceptance and non-judging most importantly of myself. I’ve come to realize that all I can do is to be myself. I can’t know what other people are thinking about me, nor should I care or make assumptions. I need to think, say, do and dress for myself; period. Like my new tattoo says “Don’t fear death fear life unlived.” I can’t let the fear of what others think (or what I think they’re thinking) get in the way of ME living. I mean, this video is something I never would have done (which seems to be a theme this year: hitchhiking, skydiving, zorbing, dating, etc. and who knows what’s next are all of out of the ‘Brittany Character’). All I know is that if I’m feeling something or want to do something I’m going to jump in full-force and not question or talk myself out of it with excuses (which hold you back from the life you seek). If I want to dance, I’m going to let loose and dance (just like here: where I may add I’m 100% sober, the only one on the dance floor and wearing my toes shoes-which provided a nice gastrocnemius workout). Sometimes you just have to let loose, let your senses take over. Don’t try to control it or think about it. Remove the stick out of your butt and don’t give a damn! Be yourself and don’t make apologies for living (really do I know these people, is it going to be fa big deal in a week, a day, an hour?) No live in the moment and follow your instincts. Dance and sing like no one’s watching (and who cares if someone is). Let your hair, BE yourself and don’t look back. Be uninhibited go ahead and DANCE!


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