Body CHANGE. Change is something we all talk about and is the only thing consistent in life. We often fantasize about change in our life. All the things we’re going to do to make ourselves Better people, better bodies, better finances, better lovers, better lovers, better friends, and so on .Somehow these changes will make up happy. But do we ever actually change, or for that matter Want to change? How many people complete their New Years Resolutions. For change to be made it has to be a constant thought, a sparked desire that you are conscious of. I’ve been on a mission to change my body (as you can see above, but first I had to change my thoughts. Previously (and I’ve mentioned this before) I’ve struggled with bingeing. I was always in a battle with my body. TRYING to be perfect and punishing myself with food, like more was going to make things better somehow. What I’ve come to learn in my journey is that I’m already perfect: born of the right time and place, setting me where I am NOW. So the key was accepting my perfection rather than battling/striving to be perfect. After this all I had to do was treat my body like it was perfect and give it the nourishment that it needs. It is my one vessel in this life and I need to treat it as such. Once I was able to accept myself, then it became easy, it wasn’t a battle. Losing weight wasn’t something I thought or dwelled upon, I merely just did it. My tips for weight loss (I’ve lost 25 lbs by the way and am working my way toward 15%).

  • Desire-you have to want to change. Nothing happens until something moves.
  • Keep it simple! Yes there are all kinds of recipes out there that try to replace your traditional meals like pizza, breads, cake, etc. Get it out of your head that you need breads (or imitation breads) and such in you life. You don’t (by thinking that way you limit yourself and close your mind). A properly cooked meat and veggie tastes better than pizza any day. Grab a protein, add some fat and incorporate vegetables. It’s that easy!
  • Preparation: Get your grocery shopping done one day a week. Get a tentative game plan before and head straight to the produce and meat sections. Don’t even tempt yourself with interior aisles. Next once home prep. Cook chicken for the next 4-5 days, measure it and place in individual bags so you don’t over portion and can grab and go. Marinate red meat. Cut up veggies so they can just be thrown in a skillet. Count out nuts and place in individual baggies. If you prepare any dishes-place in individual containers. All this allows fo little thought-just grab and microwave. Time (or lack of) is an excuse. Be prepare and cut the excuses.
  • Exercise less: keep it simple here, less is more here (cortisol is counter productive to health). Cycle short workouts light, medium, heavy. Run a few sprints (barefoot) every 7-10 days. Most importantly slow movement- go for a hike, walk in the park, bike, a gentle swim.
  • Don’t get frustrated and embrace: The scale isn’t always going to reflect the numbers you want, but you can’t let this effect you. Keep doing your best- 100%- and your efforts will pay off. It’s a journey and slow and steady is what’s going to keep the weight off. Think of it one day at a time- that today you’re going to eat good. Expect fluctuations-that machine’s not always going to be 100% accurate, it is merely a tool that gives us a round-about (look at yourself and feel the changes, especially in clothes). Women still cycling are especially going to deal with fluctuations, but you just have to breath and expect this

Change is inevitable, but accepting and allowing for change is different. Accept your perfection, and embrace the journey! Best of luck in your own transformations, for more on our fat-burner weight loss programs check out our website at


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