Appreciation of Friends

I’ve decided to change the theme of Monday’s posts to reflect more on the emotional aspect of wellness and to explore the Tao (life/living) lessons and practices. Dad has been concentrating on inspirational health, so each week I’ll begin by exploring some of my inspirational ponderings. This allows me to speak more candidly, as well, as reading and listing off stats can be bland, sometimes health is common sense and you should just go by what makes you feel good. Today to kick off, I’d like to cover appreciation. Like I’ve mentioned in past posts that I go through stages of my Tao practices and currently it has been on appreciation. Each day I begin and end the day with a prayer- a simple thank you (a thanks for life and for all the wonderful things and people who surround me). I’ve come to realize how important the people you spend your time with are; after all family (which I’ve actually changed to relationships in general) is number three of the most important things in life (only being good and health being better). I’ve always known that I have a great family, but sometimes have not taken advantage of how great of friends I have. I’ve taken for granted that they’re there or let them annoy or agitate me. In coming into spirit, I now see how great they are. I have three of the closest friends, who are a deafening force (although we sometimes get a bit carried away). In my growth I’ve concentrated on time. I realize that quality time and experiences are what matter. The most that I can give my friends is to give them time and let them be judgement free (not getting annoyed when they’ve had too much to drink or what decisions they make, but just being there whenever they ask). Embrace- embrace is the word and it has had the most uplifting effect. Thursday I woke in the most enlightened and inspirational mood. I felt the urge to let everyone know and to spread my feelings of life and appreciation to others. I sent my friends and family texts telling them that I felt inspired and wanted to let them know how glad I am to have them in my life and how great they are. It feels good to have recognition I feel (although I also don’t feel like I must have validation to feel good about myself, but it is nice regardless). I’m tired of feeling or thinking things but not expressing them. We often assume that people know how we feel about them. Well don’t make assumptions is one of the Four Agreements. So I’ve embraced the urge to tell others how I feel so that we can remove the guesswork (this also helps prevent regrets later of never telling people what you feel). Another Tao practice is to see yourself in others. I feel that each of my friends brings out another aspect of myself and we relate on different levels. My friends are fabulous/great people that I’d like to just highlight why I love and appreciate them being in my life, helping to shape me into the person and having my back regardless.

Tabitha: Oh where to even begin! My partner in crime we have been friends for so long. When I think of Tab I think of passion. She is passionate about her job (she’s a nurse and absolutely loves and excels at her job). She is passionate about her friends (although a little protective-to the point of creeping on my date- she is there to support us no matter what. She’s the first one to promote me and be my cheerleader, defend me from others, anything can come up and I know she’ll be there regardless). If she wants something she goes after it with all her heart! She’s a blast and we always have fun together, yet are know that we can talk about anything serious as well. She is outspoken and unapologetic for speaking her mind, I love that she knows no strangers and let’s herself be an open book. She is wonderful.

Shadow: It’s always simple here, she’s Shadow and I’m Paulin, a family tradition as her sister and my sister were the same way. She may be loud, but yet again, another strong woman who isn’t afraid or sorry for being out there and speaking her mind. Coming from a close family much like mine, we share a similar upbringing. She is a strong, smart and overall great person that I feel blessed to have known for so long.

Chelsey: although I’ve known Chelsey only a few years, I completely adore this fabulous young woman. Suffering from cancer when she was in high school, I feel like she has a different approach and appreciation for life, that we both connect on. She is creative and fuels my eccentric thinking. Never opposing my crazy ideas, she embraces my crazy schemes and outfits, is down for tattoos together and encourages me to go for it. She loves to do the  same things as me and appreciates the outdoors. She looks to LIVE life and to LOVE. She is just amazing flat-out. I love the relationship she has with her mom. I’ve told my mom several times how I love the bond Chelsey and Deb share, extremely close and protective- it reminds me of me and my mom- completing each other. Such a great person, she has been a real gift and addition to my life, that I find it hard to express how wonderful she is and how much I value her.

Today’s lesson is to embrace how you feel and let people know what they mean to you. Don’t just let them be there, but let them be a presence in your life. See yourself and others and love them like you do yourself and you allow yourself and them to live without judgement and to be your true self. Realize and appreciate what you have- tell someone today what they mean to you! Common sense is that social and emotional (stress free) health are key to Wellness.


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