Journeys Away from the False Self

I know that I promised to discuss Thoreau on the blog, but it’s also about my spiritual journey which weighs heavily on the Tao and my Dr. Dyer readings. This particular adventure was inspired by my finishing of The Shift, I hope you enjoy it!Today I thought let’s go to the Park. So here now I sit on the most beautiful of days. The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and there’s a breeze. I decide to swing, to explore the loss of self. So often as we age we consider things like swinging and playing the sort of things that children do. Adults are serious and have responsibility. So why the hell would a 23-year-old drag herself to the park on a work day? Well for starters I have done many posts on the benefits and my boy Mark Sisson’s is a big abdicate of play. but most importantly it takes you back closer to your beginning and true self. Have you ever watched a child play? They’re careless. They’re not yet conditioned to the thoughts of society and trying to portray a false image to the World that the ego says will make them accepted. They’re not thinking about how the other children perceive them. They’re motions are not contrived, they don’t worry about anything, thus they just ARE. It’s sad how this fades though. I’ve watched this with my nephews. Trenton would pick up any worm fishing a month ago and Saturday after watching Gavin refuse, he too would no longer pick up any worms. So today I find myself on the swing exploring my own inner child (or true self), not caring what time it is or what I have to get done today or what the lady pushing her daughter besides me thinks, just moving hypnotically with the wing. I explore my different senses. Watching the water flow gently (yet powerfully) down the river and the green trees surrounding. I close my eyes and hear the wind rustle through the tress as the birds chirp along while my swing creaks persistently in the background. Here too I feel. I grasp the swings of the swing and feel my body sway methodically back and forth. Feel the sun light up my back and shoulders as the breeze pushes my hair back. It’s amazing how something as simple as a swing at the park (that is free) can bring so much enlightenment and be so freeing to the spirit. Dance, play, sing, and find the hidden true self, rather than the false one shown to the world!


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