From Lake to Table


Beautiful day on the lake-April 5th

Yesterday my brother and I went fishing (and I’ll admit that there were times where I was not very Godly or like water, starting in the beginning). I was late getting off and hungry-the usual suspects when excuses rear their ugly heads. But why was I letting this affect me now? It was a beautiful (a smidge chilly) and we still had a few hours of sunlight. So we take off into the wilderness with all our gear and Cliff’s proud findings from Gander Mountain. As we’re trekking it occurs to me how special this moment is, how every moment spent with my brother is special. But this was different. He told me last week that he’s considering moving to Montana (and I’m doing my best to remain Tao-like and not judge or implement my own thoughts- its his life not mine and I can’t have selfish thoughts of keeping him here to myself, whenever I want). So we’re hiking and all I can think is that imagethis beautiful boy in front of me, who I love so dearly will not be here in a few months to take me fishing. He jokes that he’ll take me duck hunting, but will he? That’s when I realize that you don’t know what the future holds, so you have to enjoy moments, while they’re right in front of you. That’s what I did. We cleared out the boat and I worked of ridding my mind of my usual water prejudices and thoughts of sinking, to a calm state where what happens happens, if the boat sunk there was something to be taken away from the situation. We could have gotten upset when the wind backed us up into trees, but we just let it take us wherever, not getting frustrated by it or the initial lack of fish. We just kept trying and I let my brother take charge (which is something in the past that I tended to do) and instruct on what to do and where to go. Eventually the fish came (mainly to Cliff in the beginning) and we made it a good distance around the lake. We kept adding beautiful little bass after beautiful little bass to our bounty to take home. Eventually the water likeness ended again when my bladder was going hoarse from screaming that it needed emptied. I tried to explain this, but Cliff is ever so funny ‘just pee over the side’. Well Cliff if I were a boy I would have no problem with that. We ended in a nice cove and I was finally relieved while Cliff parked the boat. We proudly trotted back to the house with our earnings in tow joking and chatting the whole way. We imagemake it back and now it’s time for me to filet my first fish (I have to say the trip before was the first-time I’d touched or unhooked one). I can’t believe how far I’ve come! I was terrified of everything before, now I’m willing to test almost any fear boundary. I’ve field dressed a deer, so I can filet a little fish right? Cliff showed me how to do it and I didn’t give the knife back. I just kept trekking through until we had a heaping pile of gold (splendid chunks of bass flesh!) I let him clean up while I went inside to cook his diner. all it took was a little butter and creole seasoning to make the showstopper of a plate image(broccoli/cauliflower and EVOO as his side). Mom of course wanted a ‘taste’ which ended up in several trips to the kitchen to steal more pieces. We had enough left for two more servings for later. How coll is that! Here’s food we didn’t have to buy, but went out and earned and cleaned ourselves (no middle man here, we know exactly where our foods are coming from), to make the freshest dinner possible. All we needed for more authenticity would have been to cook it over and open flame. These kinds of experiences make you realize how rich you are. Technically most people would consider me poor, as I don’t make as money as others or have much money saved; but I think I’m as rich as the world’s billionaires. I can’t believe how blessed I am and how much I have. But Brittany you live in a shed with no electricity, etc. Well I have the most amazing family in that I get to share experiences like this one (that don’t even cost money), I have found the Tao and get to practice my skills each moment. I feel free, working on being in the moment-just letting things be-rather than constantly questioning or figuring out what could be. I’ve never been so happy and content! God bless!

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