First Findings

Sometime in the Middle of March:

Oh I’ve been living in the shed for a week, now and this is the first time that I’ve written. Not entirely what I wanted more hiking and outdoors, get up and I have to be at work at 9. That’s another reason-I’ve been working a lot. I do have to admit that I have done more hiking than before and had better runs, just not as frequently as I’d like. I’m still figuring out glitches like food, shower, and laundry. But I have faith that that will all come, life and survival are about adapting, after all. I have a feeling that once I start reading Walden again that I’ll be inspired. I’m thinking on the laundry I may wash traditionally but build a clothes line to dry. I’ve already cut my showers down and have plans for my hair so it doesn’t appear greasy. I don’t feel as if I smell, plus I really feel that being squeeky clean is not good for your flora and I’m rarely sick, so I’m going to stick with what I’ve been doing. Food I just need to plan better. My intentions are to call this project Living Thoreauly in the 21st Century (or at least trying too). I’m going to read Walden and translate my thoughts through personal journals and blogs. While also recording my thoughts on nature and survival. Since I’m about Wellness there will be some thoughts on Wellness in relation to primativeness, although I don’t want to dive in too deeply because I hope to work on my book Confessions of a Fat-Burner: How I lost weight and kept it off! Hopefully I can get my project published as well. That’s just about it for the time first entry (I basically wanted to get something on paper), hopefully I’ll be able to write soon! I’ll conclude by saying its been absolutely beautiful in Indiana the last couple of days and I’ve been breeming with happiness and love. I feel electric and truly blessed. I can’t believe how fortunate I am and that I have so much, most importantly to be surrounded by such truly wonderful people. I have felt content: bendable, trying not to judge, seeing perfection, not planning or worrying but calm and in a state of being. Life and everyone is beautiful! Tell someone how great they are, give out free compliments today!


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