The Project

Me and my mama after one of my favorite things to do- hiking

This is a project, how long it will last and what will happen I don’t know, which I think is part of the excitement. I Brittany was formerly a control freak and am now trying to live in a state of being, where I am bendable, rather than stuck in my ways always with a plan for what’s to come and knowing exactly where my life is going. I do admit I was alittle uppity and nervous about not knowing what is going to happen, but I have come to embrace living in the moment rather than worrying what my happen tomorrow, or thinking that something is challenging or going to be hard (instead I think the opposite of hard is easy and that each house starts by laying one brick). This is came into being while I was reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. I had an emphiany that I needed to move out of my rental house and build my own cabin (this my prior to my true interest in Thoreau), to be closer to Nature and my Source and to try and renounce my urges for more material objects and ‘stuff’. I didn’t think that it was stupid or that it would be hard, people lived with electricity, heat, and all of those other amenities for most of human existence so why couldn’t I. Would it be cushy and fun, not really but it was necessary. That’s another thing, I just keep listening to what I innately feel I should be doing, rather than just questionn it I just do it. This was what I NEEDED to do and where I needed to be. Of course people are skeptical- ‘You don’t know how to build a log cabin’ or ‘oh Brittany’s crazy”. Usually crazy is often the word applied to me and my seemingly eccentric thought patterns and ideas by others. Do I really give a shit? Hell no, I’m going to do what I want, nothing will every get done if I worry what others think or let their thought processes of difficulty get in the way. Do I know how to build a log cabin? No, but I can figure out, both by trial and error myself or by researching on how to do it. Nowadays we have people to do everything: there’s plumbers to fix your toilet, and electricians to fix your wiring and a long list of other contractual workers to fix whatever is wrong. We can’t fend for ourselves. We’ve lost the ability to adapt and take care of ourselves. We take the easy way out and are lazy with all of our ‘wonderful’ technology. There’s a gadget or service for everything. As I was considering my project I remembered reading about Henry David Thoreau and Walden in school, always fascinated with that rare breed of genius, who was considered eccentric by many in own time.  So I did some more thorough research on him. I did not want to copy his experiment, as that’s not what he intended and that’s not what I wanted either (I had thought of the idea before I remembered him). I figured that building a cabin would take some time, so I decided that I would live in a tent while constructing my home. I asked my grandmother if I could build a cabin in her woods, as Tecumseh, surrounded by family and wilderness is my favorite place in the world-it is home and it’s where I wanted to be. She suggested the little barn that she had beside her house. I contemplated this. It was the perfect size (although maybe a little big). The downside was that it was next to her house, if only I could transplant it into the trees. I did take her up on the offer, though because I figure it could simulate the feelings of a cabin. I set to clearing it out and uncluttering the rest of my belongings (I got rid of over 5 bags of clothes and shoes, this probably the toughest bit about trying to give up want is that I was a fashionista who loved shopping, but I work on this daily). Now it is set up and I’ve been sleeping in it for a week. I’m still addressing some issues like showers and food, but that is my current status- I am living in the ‘cabin’. I bought a copy of Walden (and another side note, it makes me sad that I mention Thoreau and none of my friends and a lot of adults don’t know who I am talking about) and intend to read it in my cabin and use the blog as a forum to share my thoughts on his concepts and to share my own experiences. This is Living Thoreauly in the 21st century, though, I still go to work and use electricity and if I’m at my parents I’ll watch tv, but it’s a matter of doing better than before and living the greenest existence that I can. I’m still trying to figure it out, so just give me some time to struggle through this. I still have high hopes of building my own cabin and am bound and determined to have it done before the end of the year. So now you are up to date, so let’s see where this project takes us!


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